A great range of braces in Watford

Everyone’s alignment issues are different. Where your tooth is twisted, mine sticks out. Where yours cross over, mine didn’t down properly. A good dental practice needs to cater for variation by offering different devices aimed at different issues.

Then there is the way people live. You are really good at remembering to do stuff and create new habits. I have got a head like a sieve and can’t remember where I put my keys 2 minutes after I’ve come in the front door. Braces manufacturers need to be able to cater for the way we live as well as what our teeth are like.

Braces in WatfordThat’s why at Cassiobury Dental Practice, we like to be able to offer a choice of braces in Watford that suit people’s alignment issues, their budgets and the way they live.

When you come to us for braces in Watford, you might want braces that you can take out to clean and to eat because you are far too rushed off your feet to spend ages with floss and brush cleaning behind your brackets and wires. Someone else might have all the time in the world for this.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of braces in Watford that we have here:

Fixed braces

These are the bracket and wire braces that are cemented onto the front of your teeth. They can be made of metal or clear ceramic with tooth-coloured wires. If you are a bit forgetful, then these are the braces for you. You can’t lose them or forget to change them for the next ones in the series, as you have to with aligners. This means a constant pressure is kept up in moving your teeth. On the other hand, you might find you have to limit your diet while you wear them and that you spent a lot longer cleaning your teeth than normal.

Removable braces

Transparent plastic aligners that can’t be seen once they are in place. You take them out to eat, which is great, but if you keep forgetting to put them back in, or you lose them, it will interfere with the straightening mechanism, which requires sustained pressure, and treatment could end up taking longer.

Check out the range of braces in Watford

Choice is what living in the 21st century is all about, and when you come to us at Cassiobury Dental Practice, you will find a wide range of braces in Watford for people with teeth that are mildly to moderately out of alignment.

Braces in WatfordBack in the day, when braces in Watford were all clunky and cumbersome and more like train tracks than health devices, people with such alignment issues often did not bother to get their teeth straightened. And who can blame them? Better a lifetime of slightly twisted teeth than a year or two of being on the receiving end of other people’s pity and mockery. We are all so glad that braces took a turn for the more discreet in the last couple of decades. In fact, you can now get straightening devices that are as good as invisible, and boy, are they ever popular.

Let’s take a look at some of our devices:


These are the almost invisible devices mentioned above. They are not braces but aligners, which base their design on the retainers that people put on over their teeth to keep them in place at the end of treatment. You wear a series of aligners, each for 7-10 days, and the built-in pressure points gently press on your teeth to move them, millimetre by millimetre, into their correct position. You take them out to eat and treatment takes, on average, a year.

Six Month Smiles

For mild to moderate issues with the front 6-8 teeth, which are the ones that people look at most when you talk and smile. These are a more discreet version of bracket and wire braces, featuring clear, ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires. They are smaller than normal braces and take around 6 months to straighten your teeth.

Inman Aligner

A removable device that works on the front teeth only, straightening them by sandwiching them between 2 spring-loaded aligner bows. Treatment takes 6-18 weeks.


Everyone needs to wear one of these when treatment is over. Retainers keep the teeth correctly aligned while the new bone created during treatment hardens around them.

Braces: playing the long game

In an age when it seems like we should be able to get everything as soon as we want it, the reality of how long it takes to get your teeth straightened can come as a bit of a shock. Teeth don’t move overnight, or even in a few days. At best they take a few weeks, if the alignment is mild. If the alignment issues are severe it can take months or even years of wearing braces in Watford before the teeth are properly in line with each other.

Braces in WatfordKids might put up with this, mostly because the decision to wear braces in Watford is not up to them but their parents, who have been advised by the dentist that braces treatment is required. Adults, on the other hand, find the idea of wearing obtrusive braces for apparently long periods of time abhorrent and many would rather live with wonky teeth than suffer the indignity of being seen with braces on, especially if they work in public-facing jobs or are in positions of authority.

Why even bother with braces in Watford?

The thing with teeth is that they mainly fall victim to either dental decay or gum disease, both of which are primarily caused by the acids given off by plaque. Plaque needs to be removed twice a day if the acids it gives off are not to start corroding tooth enamel to let in decay or inflaming the gums and corroding the jawbone and tooth roots. Both scenarios end in tooth loss, and both are made more likely if wonky teeth hinder the removal of plaque by making brushing and flossing harder to carry out effectively.

Also, teeth can tend to crumble away if they are bearing the brunt of chewing instead of the powerful forces generated being spread out evenly across the arches.

Braces in Watford from us at Cassiobury Dental Practice are smaller and more discreet than ever before and can help you play the long game in keeping your teeth for life. Depending on your alignment issues, correction may only take a few weeks and you may be able to have treatment with devices that are pretty much invisible once they are in place.

A smile upgrade with braces in Watford

Having teeth that are out of alignment is no fun. Depending on how severe the misalignments are, you can find it hard to eat and speak properly. You can find that when you chew your food, some of your teeth are bearing more of the strain than others. They may start to ache a bit in your jaw, and over the years, they could well start to crumble away.

Braces in WatfordYou could also find it hard to keep your wonky teeth clean. Getting your toothbrush, floss and interdental brushes into the gaps between the wonky teeth can be tricky, and you may find that, try as you might, you just can’t stop the plaque from building up in those areas. Plaque gives off acids that erode enamel and attack the gums, so you may also find that you get more fillings there and your gums in those areas are swollen and bleed when you brush them. Over the years, gum disease and decay can threaten your teeth to the point that you lose them.

As you can see, having straight teeth is not just about looking great, it’s also about prolonging the life of your teeth. And having natural teeth beats having restorations every time. You want to hang onto them for as long as possible, and getting braces in Watford to get your teeth straightened is one of the best investments you can make in your smile, and your oral health.

If you bring your wonky smile to Cassiobury Dental Practice, we can find just the right braces in Watford for you – for your alignment issues, your budget and your lifestyle.

We have a good range of discreet braces in Watford. Some are fixed to your teeth, which is a good idea if you are likely to forget to put your braces in for the required period each day. Others are removable, which works really well for people who have public-facing work, or are in positions of authority or management. Whatever kind works best for you, you will also have to wear a retainer afterwards to keep your teeth in place while the bone hardens around them.

What’s all the fuss about braces in Watford?

Braces in Watford are becoming more and more popular as people realise that they not only make teeth look better but that they can also extend the life of teeth. Of course, neither of these advantages would be enough if it wasn’t also for the fact that in the last couple of decades, advances in braces research has resulted in braces that are smaller, use gentler forces and are also more discreet. These advances mean that wearing braces is no longer some kind of never-ending endurance test, both at a physical and self-consciousness level.

Braces in WatfordWhy teeth can last longer with braces in Watford

Teeth that are crooked or crowded, cross over each other or have gaps between them provide all sorts of extra hiding places for plaque to accumulate. Plaque, that sticky layer of bacteria that builds up during the day, gives off acids, and these corrode the enamel. Corrode it enough and you get little holes through which decay-causing bacteria can get in and start to eat away at the softer dentin below and then attack the soft pulp at the centre of the tooth, eventually killing it. Plaque also builds up around the gum line, where the acids inflame and irritate the gums. Left untreated, this gum disease gets under the gums and starts to eat away at the bone and the tooth root, the tooth becomes loose in its socket and falls out.

Give plaque fewer places to hide away and you lower the risk of you losing your teeth to plaque attack because you will be able to brush it away.

Also, when teeth are correctly aligned next to each other, then each tooth plays an equal part in chewing, which creates very powerful forces. The average man chews with a pressure of about 200lbs or 97kg. Put all that pressure on just a few teeth and it’s no surprise that after a few decades they crumble away.

Braces in Watford for everyone

There are braces to suit everyone these days, available at Cassiobury Dental. The traditional heavy-duty metal ones need only be used for the most severe alignment problems. Otherwise there are some great options that are discreet, comfortable and fast-acting.

Embrace the brace

The idea of having a beautiful, straight, Hollywood smile is often quite appealing. Who would say no to one? However, the effort it takes to achieve it can be off putting. But here at Cassiobury Dental, we believe that the effort of getting braces in Watford is worth the results, here’s why:

  • You can smile freely and confidently. Braces can significantly improve your day to day life when you no longer have to feel self-conscious about smiling with misaligned teeth
  • It’s a long-term solution. If you leave your teeth be, misaligned teeth can be tricky to look after, and can continue to move around and misbehave. The sooner we can put your teeth onto the straight and narrow, the better. It will prevent more drastic treatment in the future
  • Helps you keep good oral health. Having straight teeth makes it easier to brush and floss regularly and ensures bits of food aren’t caught in spaces in the teeth.

Braces in WatfordHow do they work?

The first step is to come for a consultation. Here the dentist will thoroughly examine the mouth, taking impressions, photos and x-rays to assess which treatment is the best for you and start your braces journey.

The braces are then fitted to the teeth. They consist of brackets that are bonded to individual teeth, and wires that are clipped onto them to apply gentle pressure to the teeth and move them into their correct position over time.

During treatment, it’s important to attend regular check-ups to ensure everything is on check and allow us to make any necessary adjustments. You will be told all about how to look after them properly, what foods to avoid, and how to give them a good clean.

After receiving braces in Watford, to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy, it’s important to keep brushing and flossing regularly. You’ll also be required to wear retainers during the night to help prevent the teeth from moving back into place.

Whose suitable?

Braces fix many dental problems including:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • An open bite
  • Overcrowding
  • Overbite
  • Underbite.

If you are considering going for braces in Watford, book an appointment so we can get you on the route to straight teeth and you can experience the benefits.

Straighten up at Cassiobury Dental

If you are looking to straighten your smile, you can do so by coming for braces in Watford. The sooner you can start your journey to straight teeth, the sooner you’ll have a smile to be proud of. Here at Cassiobury Dental, we are here to get you on your way, and find the best solution for you.

Why braces in Watford?

Having misaligned teeth can significantly improve the look of your smile. Constantly feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look can be tiring. Having braces can significantly boost your confidence and get you smiling confidently and freely.

Braces in WatfordBut do I have to?

If you don’t mind the look of wonky or spaced teeth, that’s great. However, there are other reasons why we encourage people to get braces in Watford. Having straight teeth makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene and prevents bits of food being lodged in nooks and crannies in the teeth. This helps to prevent the build up of plaque, which encourages gum disease.

What are the options?

Thanks to advances in modern technology, having straight teeth doesn’t necessarily mean having a mouthful of metal. If you feel self-conscious about undergoing treatment, you can pick from a range of different options. These include:

  • Fast braces: the road to straight teeth doesn’t have to feel endless. Fast braces can see results in a few months to a year
  • Cfast: treats the top and bottom front six teeth. It consists of clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. They work faster than clear aligners
  • Six Month Smiles: also work faster than traditional braces, as the name suggests. They are also more of a subtle solution, using clear brackets and a thin tooth-coloured wire to straighten up the smile
  • Inman Aligner: only suitable for the front of the teeth. It consists of aligner bows on nickel titanium coil springs that oppose each other to gently nudge the teeth into their correct position
  • Invisalign: Invisalign uses clear aligners to subtly straighten the smile. The removable nature of these aligners appeals to some people as it allows you to eat and clean the teeth as normal.

5 things you should know about getting braces

Straight teeth look great, and usually people will need braces to get them. Here at Cassiobury Dental Practice, we can offer you a range of modern braces. Watford is home to our dental practice, where we treat patients with braces on a daily basis. From fast-acting braces to invisible braces, we have what you need to get your teeth looking straight and great.

Braces in WatfordHere are 5 things we think you should know if you are considering braces in Watford:

1. What does getting braces usually involve?

Treatment with braces can take from several months to a couple of years, depending on how bad your alignment problems are at the beginning of your treatment. Your first step is a full oral examination from one of or experienced dentists. You many need an x-ray, scans and mould of your teeth during your initial consultation, so we can plan your tooth straightening treatment. We’ll discuss your options with you, and you can choose how to go ahead.

2. Are there braces for adults?

Yes, there are many options for adults, including invisible removable braces, tooth-coloured fixed braces, and fast acting braces among others. We can help you to decide the best option. All of our braces are designed to be discreet and fit in with your lifestyle.

3. What are the treatment times with braces?

This varies and depends on the amount your teeth need to be moved, and the type of brace you choose. It can take longer to straighten your teeth the older you get, so it is best to get braces at a younger age; however, your teeth can be straightened at any age. Most cases take between several months to two years.

4. What happens after treatment with braces?

Once your braces have worked their magic, you will need to wear retainers. Retainers keep your teeth in their new position. You can choose to have permanent or removable retainers.

5. How to start the process of getting braces in Watford

Our team at Cassiobury Dental Practice is on hand to guide you through the process. To find out how we can help you improve your smile with braces, get in touch today.

Choices, choices: braces in Watford

People say that there is too much choice in the 21st century and it can feel like that when you stand in the hair care aisle in a well-known national chemist chain. However, when it comes to braces in Watford, having a good range of devices to suit every problem, every lifestyle and every budget seems like a good thing.

Here at Cassiobury Dental in Watford, we have an extensive range of braces in Watford. You want fixed braces? We’ve got them. Prefer braces that come out for eating? We got them too. We even have metal braces that work really quickly.

Braces in WatfordIf you are an adult with wonky teeth, then chances are you either had braces in Watford as a youngster and your teeth have relapsed, or your teeth were not considered badly enough aligned to qualify for NHS treatment.

Either way, it is still worth getting braces in Watford, because teeth that line up properly around the jaw tend to last longer than wonky teeth. This is because they are easier to keep clean and because the forces created by chewing are evenly spread across the teeth.

Here are some of the braces we offer:


Clear aligner trays that snap on over the teeth and are so thin they pretty much disappear from view when you wear them. You take them out for eating and cleaning your teeth. The average treatment time is about 12 months.

Six Month Smiles

Clear ceramic brackets are cemented onto your teeth and joined together with fine, tooth-coloured wires. These work on the front social teeth, the ones that are most on view when you talk. The average treatment time is 6 months.

Inman Aligner

Another removable device that works on the front teeth only. It sandwiches them between 2 spring-loaded aligner bows. Depending on what needs aligning, treatment time can be as little as 6 weeks and is generally never more than 18 weeks.


All braces wearers have to finish their treatment by wearing a retainer for an indefinite period. This holds the teeth in their correct positions while the jawbone settles down around them.

Straight up, straight teeth last longer

If you are toying with the idea of getting braces in Watford, but are telling yourself you are just being vain, then we have good news.

Yes, straighter teeth look much better than wonky ones, but they also last longer. There are 2 reasons for this:

Braces in WatfordEasy cleaning

The big enemy of teeth is bacterial plaque. While in itself, it is not harmful, bacterial plaque gives off acids. The acids eat away at your tooth enamel creating holes through which decay can enter. The acids also attack your gums, which become irritated and swollen and can start to bleed. Gum disease can progress to the jawbone being eroded and your teeth falling out. Plaque loves to build up in hard-to-reach places, and having wonky teeth means there are more of these. Get rid of them with braces in Watford and you will find that your teeth are much easier to keep clean, are less prone to decay and gum disease and last longer.

Even chewing means less crumbling

Your teeth are meant to work as a team, bearing the forces created by chewing equally. When they are wonky, the brunt of the work can be borne by just a few teeth and after a few decades of being chewed on, they can crumble and fall apart. Having braces in Watford allows your jaw to spread the force of chewing out across all your teeth.

If you still have all your teeth, it’s hard to imagine the hassle that can ensue when you start to lose them, but, believe us, there is plenty. If you have gaps, your other teeth can move into them and fall out. If you have gaps, the bone around where your teeth used to be is quickly resorbed and your gums recede. Lose enough teeth and your jawbone can visibly shrink and that’s really not a look anyone wants. Even if you replace your teeth, you are into a world of dental implants, which are very expensive, or dentures and fixed bridges, which are not as expensive but need to be replaced every few years and are more hassle when it comes to eating.