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Healozone is pain free dentistry of the future today, no drilling, no pain = healozone.

There absolutely no sensation as the ozone gently bathes the infected area.In twenty seconds, 99.9% of the caries (decay) producing bacteria are eliminated. The ozone is pumped away, broken down into oxygen again-and the tooth is caries-free without pain. It is as simple as that.

A technique which uses ozone applied to the tooth thereby designed to stop the lesion from further developing and enhancing the healing process. Our commitment is prevention and this starts here with Healozone. Painless dentistry for all the family.

Thanks to new technology, it is not always necessary to drill to treat decay. A course of HealOzone treatments, alongside oral hygiene measures, can allow teeth to heal themselves!

This treatment is ideal in treating early decay. It is painless and involves no injections and no fillings.

Ozone kills 99.9% of decay producing bacteria in 20 seconds! It is used in dentistry to stop the progress of tooth decay. Healozone safely delivers ozone directly onto bacteria in a sealed environment.

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