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Wrinkle Reduction

Botulinum Toxin ("Botox") for facial rejuvenation
What can Botulinum Toxin be used for?

Softening facial lines

  • The forehead area (horizontal forehead lines)
  • Eye area (crows feet)
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows

Botulinum Toxin has also proved to be very successful at treating excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis), which can be a problem for some people.

Botox treatment is probably the most popular cosmetic medical treatment for facial lines and wrinkles in the UK and can be used successfully in combination with other rejuvenation treatments.

Treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothes persistent lines between your eyebrows, on your forehead and on your outer eye area.

A treatment session consists of a few tiny needle pricks which relax the muscles that caused those lines to form in the first place.

Botulinum Toxin A has several different brand names but they are all the same product. The most well known of these is Botox® but other brands are Dysport, Vistabel, Azzalure and Bouccature.

Botox treatments are simple and minimally invasive. No recovery time is needed. In fact, most people are able to return to work immediately after the treatment. The muscle-relaxing benefits of the procedure can last up to an average of 4 months. The really magical thing about Botox is that the more you use it (over time!!) the better it gets, because Botox has a preventative effect. By weakening the muscles that cause the lines, they relax more, the lines reduce more so the skin recovers and smoothes out to give you a more youthful look.

Your Botox Questions Answered
What is Botox?

It is probably best to describe what Botox is not! Botox is not botulism. Botulism food poisoning is caused by massive amounts of botulinum bacteria creating massive amounts of toxin. Botox, or Botulinum Toxin A to give it its full name, has been used in very dilute amounts for many years in ophthalmology, neurology and for cosmetic cases worldwide. In our treatments we use a miniscule amount of the chemical secreted by the botulism bacteria. There is nothing alive in the Botox injection.

Is it safe?

Perfectly. It is impossible to get poisoning from Botox injections as we use such diluted preparations.

How does it work?

Injections are given into the affected areas which temporarily put the over active muscles to sleep for about 4 months. This freezing of the muscle is always temporary and can never be permanent so the treatment is called Hibernation treatment……..the muscle temporarily hibernates.

Will it leave my face numb?

No. There is no change in your skin sensation.

Do the injections hurt?

No. The needles are very fine and the amount injected each time is very small. Some people say that it feels like a small bug bite so local anaesthesia or sedation is not required.

Which wrinkles can be treated?

The most commonly treated areas are the forehead, between the eyes (frown lines) and the crow's-feet around the eyes. However, other ares can also be treated successfully such as thelower eyelid, décolletage, neck, lips, chin and bunny lines on the nose.

Will I be able to move my face afterwards?

Certainly! Just not as much. Extreme movement of the muscles that caused the wrinkles will have been prevented but the other normal facial muscles will not have been affected.

When will I see the difference?

Usually in 3-5 days but individuals vary. The greatest effect, however, is seen after 2 weeks or so.

How will I look after treatment?

You will notice a slight redness after treatment around the injection sites. This will settle after a few hours. You can apply an ice pack to help reduce redness and make- up can be used to cover the redness.

Are there any side effects?

It is a very safe treatment. However, side effects can occur but are very rare. They can include slight bruising at the injection sites, slight headache and sometimes a slight drooping of the eyelid which would only last a week or so. Because the effects of Botoxare completely reversible any side effects are temporary and short lasting.

Is there anything I should avoid after treatment?

During the first 4 hours after treatment, we advise you to avoid vigorous exercise and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Otherwise you can carry on as normal.

You should also avoid rubbing the treated area during this time.

How long will it last?

Again, individuals vary. In most cases you can expect excellent results for three months with a gradually diminishing effect over the following 3 months. Regular treatment 'trains' the muscles not to move as much so that, over time, less treatment is needed to keep the facial muscles relaxed.

How often will I need treatment?

On average most people like to come back about every 4 months or so when they first start their injections. People who have large facial muscles (like men) or who have very 'expressive' faces may require more frequent treatment. People who have regular top ups gradually require less and less treatment as their muscles are retrained.

What if I really don't like the result?

That would be very unusual, but if that was so then remember that the effects are completely reversible and with a bit of patience you can have all your old wrinkles back.

Can anybody be treated with Botox?

Almost, but not if you are pregnant or suffer from a neurological disorder such as Parkinson's Disease.

BOTOX……………….and the Benefits?
  • You'll have a softer, more relaxed appearance
  • You'll have a serene countenance enhancing your natural appearance
  • Your "wrinkle" muscles will be gradually retrained leaving you with smoother, more youthful looking skin
  • You'll enjoy increased self confidence
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